New ‘Charming’ Ringlettes are here!!

West Side Gemz

So excited that the Charming Ringlette collection is here! Styles and letters are very limited at the moment, but please bare with me.. They will only get better from here!

These ringlettes are made with a 24k gold plated delicate ring. Super simple and cute in addition to your ring collection this summer. Personalized rings are my fave and these are perfect because they fit with any look! They also have the same look and concept as a pierced nail accessory without doing damage to your mani! I’m in LOVE and I hope you all love em too!

The Charming Ringlette collection, they start at $18 for the Gemz Ringlette and up to $26 for the Swarovski Icon Ringlette made with 24k gold plated wire rings. I will not be offering these two as sets, for they are very limited in quantity. If you choose to order these in a set (4 or more) I will honor a percentage off.
These three initial Charming Ringlettes will be honored a set discount for 4 or more. A set of 4 letters will start at $60. For more than 8, they will start at $80.

Order now while supplies last. I will re-up on more letters and different styles. I’m looking for all gold, so those will be on the way as well.

Right now, I am currently taking orders for single rings on the shop and custom order sets by email requests only (

I’d love to hear what you think and answer you questions. Ask them here or on my instagram!




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