Salon Vivace!

photo 3

You ever get those moments when you just URGE for change? I was feelin it. Well, on top of being super bored with what I had.. I’m talking about HAIR! This morning during my commute, I was remembering that I wanted to cut my hair back to a short length I’ve had before. I was at Starbucks working on this blog (hope you guys love it) waiting on a lunch meet in a couple hours. I had time to kill so I went to Yelp. I was looking for an location around the area being that I did not want to be all over the place and drive around the Bay. I hit up a few spots who didn’t even pick up the phone or put me on hold for way too long. I do not know what it was, but I found this spot and decided to call since it was only 15 minutes from where I was from. I made the reservation and in one minute was headed to Salon Vivace.

Visit Salon Viviace  and follow them on Instagram!

I’m never in Pleasanton so driving to the salon was really nice, also being the weather is just super perfect today. Once I pulled up, I fell in LOVE! The salon had it’s own little garden entry and was in what looked like an old house. It had a new-vintage ambiance that reminded me of the cutesy little things you would stumble upon Pinterest. I couldn’t get over how cute it was in there, still can’t!!

The receptionist was really sweet and offered me a beverage as I made my way to the seating lounge. My hairstylist Kristi then came out to meet me. She was really sweet and friendly. We sat down at her station in a cute little room, comfiest of salon seats, and a free standing long length mirror. She consulted my hair and I spoke up on how I wanted my hair. (Omg I am totally rambling and telling you my whole experience – let’s cut to the chase!)

Kristi and I talked about work, school, jealous cousins, babies and family, relationships, goals, dreams, and VSXNSTA. Like they say, hair stylist make the perfect therapists. She was super chill and easy to talk to, felt like I knew her for a while. She had some amazing cutting and styling techniques I’ve never had done to my hair. As simple as they were, they made all the difference in my cut. I am in LOVE with it. She gave me this great hair powder to boost volume in your roots and tips that I will show you in another post. She gave me an amazing blow out and wanded my hair. Enough chit chat! Here’s the pics I took:

photo 5


My cute stylist is expecting her third little one!

photo 2

photo 1

This pictures do no justice, you just have to visit!

photo 4

I take the best selfies in the car, if you didn’t know ❤



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