Hello hello, a 1:07 AM post. There’s just a lot that I’ve been thinking about, things I need to do, and been having so much urge to get them done. There’s job searching, VSXNSTA custom rings, West Coast Wonders, and just branding myself as a fashion stylist/visual designer.

As I search for a full time job, I’m also looking for internships that include anything behind production of a fashion company. I’m just very eager to work hands on, gain experience, and most of all learn! I’m hoping I get a response from Litter SF for their social media internship because 1) They triggered the inspiration for my jewelry line 2) Go SF businesses! I’m bout it ❤ 3) Everyone talked to said I was perfect for it. We shall see! I’m not allowing myself to get my hopes up because so far I’ve been lead to disappointed – thought I may say the last job I applied for (a fashion HQ) lead me to depression.. (not really) but also lead me to do something I am good it. So I picked up my materials, cashed out at Michaels, and sat in bed all day making free form rings.

VSXNSTA was born. Lemme breakdown VSXNSTA. First of all, it’s short for Visionista, She is me. The name describes my personality, style, and esthetic. I decided to carry the name to my jewelry line because these are the type of rings I look for when shopping. I look for simple, timeless, different, and unique pieces. My rings are minimal, yet bold and unforgettable. They are simple enough to work within anyone’s wardrobe and personal style. My next steps are now to continue branding the line, constructing my Etsy all the way around, and promote! This includes all images, lifestyle shots, product shots, graphics, and time!! I’m all for it though. I’m glad I’m starting to gain a fan base (my friends!) and receiving orders already!

West Coast Wonders was put on hold during the time of my job searching.. but! We will be coming back again this Fall. Just a quick rundown of what WCW is: a creative platform for artists, designers, dancers and musicians to showcase their work through collaborating with the WCW team. Pretty much, if you fux wid us, you are a West Coast Wonder too 😉 It’s about promoting each others creativity through the West Coast lifestyle according to the creative people who live in it. Obviously this idea needs to move forward, but before then, I want the name to be recognized and the lifestyle to be developed through the process of it all. I see big, big, BIG things from this.


Okay, and that is all! Tomorrow is just another work at home day ❤


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