WIRED <3 New rings coming soon to my ETSY!

So yes I have been super lagging on my Etsy shop, though I have been making some things here and there. I’m currently trying to find a job that I’ll be happy with and also considering going back to school for business or design. During this time, I’ve decided to find myself and spark my creativity through making jewelry.

As all my friends know, my alter ego is Miss DTM. She loves fashion, personalizing her style, and accessorizing. Simplicity is always the key, but big, bold, and gold are the most important. It’s always fun to search for jewelry that are edgy, unique, and have a sharpness to them. I stray away from the ordinary and traditional and try to find pieces that are different, yet timeless. So I’ve decided to make my own since I really can’t find any of these pieces anywhere! Plus, all these different brands are starting to do too much with trendy spikey pieces and thangs like that.. I want to create jewelry that can be worn with many different outfits for whatever occasion.

All of these rings are made with TLC and lots of attention to detail. I want to know what you think about my one of a kind, handmade jewelry!

Check back in for more of my wire wrap rings here and on my Etsy! I have a few things cooking up in my studio (bedroom and kitchen). Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come ❤



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