Style defined.

I met a random girl on Saturday who complimented my outfit. She said “I love your style, what do you call it?”

It took me a second to answer her but the first words that popped in my mind were: simple, visionista, and Miss DTM. I told her I love to be simple, but when I go out I like to be Miss DTM. What’s DTM? Doin’ Too Much! She laughed coz she loved it and complimented me sayin’ she loves my swag 😉

Now I’m here, not abandoning my blog, to rant about my style! Style is something that people try to find or experiment through clothes to define it. It’s always difficult to answer the “what’s your style?” question because I could never label me a stereotypical style nor want to admit I fit within current trends. I’m all about high fashion, fashion trends, but way more about street style. It has always been an inspiration for me in defining my own personal style because that’s what I got out of scrolling through in high school. It is the individuality in these looks that sparked my love for street style.

I love the idea of standing out without sticking out. I love researching and observing styles everywhere I go, including the internet! It’s how I learn about trends and relate to fast fashion trends to high fashion and to what girls currently think about “style.” Meaning, whatever is sold in stores now, “the new new,” determines if you have style. I’m not against a girl bein’ on top of the game, these girls are my collective data of current trends! How else will I know what’s trending. Anyway! This partly defines my style – I don’t dress by trend, I dress against it.

Now this doesn’t mean I go to the extreme and dress crazy. That’s what people don’t understand about rebelling against trends. I love fashion and I want to celebrate it. Fashion constantly changes and it is never about following others. It’s fitting within what’s current but defining yourself and your esthetic (even if you’re not a designer!)

But where does Miss DTM come from? She’s my alter ego who is in love with old school hip hop swag and 80s/90s vintage. I love chunky gold accessories and unique pieces that will remain timeless in my closet. That’s where my simplicity comes from too – I value my clothes and buy them not only to just quality, but also the fit and silhouette that will last me several seasons ahead.

If I could define my style, I would describe it to be a contrast of opposites – never anything that is ever the same or matching. Mixtures of color to color, texture to texture, silhouette to silhouette, and so on.. Ahh idk! I’m just a surprise of everything everyday. End rant ;P


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