Trend Analysis: ARM KANDI

One of my favorite courses at FIDM was Trends: Past, Present, & Future. I learned how to analyze trends and gather information to show a point. I’m taking my practices into breaking down the current trends of today, which I feel are derived directly for music festival trends and culture. You will see throughout this series of Trend Analysis: The Music Fest Theory, the evolution of todays trends and styles come from the culture of EDM.

Arm Candy has been around way before girls started stacking their wrists with collections of their favorite friendship bracelets, bangles, and watches. I believe that it all came from Kandi that ravers wear at EDM events and trade with eachother. As you can see in the top images, Kandi is random and each one is unique. Creativity is involved in making Kandis, especially when making them for a friend. In the end, it is all a collection of creativity for sharing and embracing the PLUR culture.

With the ever changing technology and apps, people are able to share their moments with their friends and the world. Websites and communities like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are the perfect examples of how trends are set by users. We all share our interests and inspirations online which creates a movement from each trend to trend. With everyone getting on EDM and the culture, the idea of diversity has spread into our everyday wear and style. I honestly love this trend. It allows you to customize your own collection of “arm candy” with a particular outfit or simply wear your favorite pieces. Either way, it shows your personality and style. It’s different from everyone else’s which is my style philosophy. Embrace yourself, your personality, and your interests in your style everyday. You are unique and it should show! Take the culture from PLUR to your style, and you’ll truly find yourself. When I attend events, I get most excited about what to wear. You can literally wear ANYTHING and no one will judge you. You are in an environment of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect where you can be yourself.

Thanks to user photo sharing sites, I’ve gathered some of my favorite ways to rock Arm Kandi:

Well there’s my little intro to my Music Fest Theory! Stay tuned and learn how to take looks from music festivals to everyday wear ❤


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