Project Runway Candy Couture & Heidi’s Snakeskin Ensemble!

I absolutely loved the Candy Couture challenge! I must say that Sonjia’s piece was my favorite, though Ven did an excellent job with constructing rock candy and licorice into a chic dress. I feel like Sonjia thought everything out when making this dress to styling the final runway look. Every different piece of candy played its part and has its own little flare and character. My favorite part was the shark bib; LOVED the way she arranged them to look like a group of swimming sharks. The back opening?! To die for. It was completely constructed well and the model did a wonderful job walking down the runway. As for Ven’s, I would have loved to seen the styling punched up a bit. She could have used at least one piece of jewelry, a bold lip, and lighter shoes. The pumps were a bit to heavy  for the delicate looking dress, in my opinion. I see these two looks worn by Kay Perry in a show or music video! These dresses are totally wearable and should be seen off the runway! (Not everyday wear of course!)

Now, Heidi Klum’s snakeskin outfit! As I was searching for an image of her matching Elizabeth and James ensemble, I saw comments saying how she looked like she was wearing pajamas! Yes, they may look like pajamas, but they are meant to feel like pajamas! This is a comfortable look that feels laid back, but still stylish and NOT pajamas. To stray away from the pajama look, she could have been styled differently. This image of Rihanna was taken in March with her wearing Stella McCartney matching top and bottoms. This shows how to wear an all over print two piece. With delicate jewelry and dainty pieces of gold, Rihanna does it right with dressing up the look in wavy hair and minimal strapped heels. Heidi Klum goes wrong with the hair and shoes. I wish I could have seen her in a sleek pony tail, even a low bun and lighter shows. Like I said about Ven’s look with the pumps, Heidi’s feet look too heavy to the flowy top and bottoms. She could have easily worn pointed stilettos in nude or black.

Overall, I love the chill, flowy, all over print look. It’s confortable and stylish that can also be worn as separates! I’m pretty sure this will start trending in the fall. How do you feel about these looks?


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