Mood Boards

Merry Go Round

Auto Wreck

I recently got contacted by Alicia Von Der Lieth to collaborate on some projects together. Her work is so amazing and I’m very delighted to work with her! Here’s a sneak peek at the mood boards I’ve put together for two different shoots. Alicia chose the locations that I have never seen before and really inspired me to pull these looks together. The first one will be located at a merry go round. I thought it would be fun to play up the little girl look in a grown but fun way. The second board was inspired by the auto wreck Alicia wants to shoot at. Like we discussed, the whole girly, flowy/soft look in a dumpy place concept has been done numerous times. I thought we would just go with the edgy look, but stray away from the DIY craze everyone is getting into. No frayed denim, studs, or oversized camo jackets. The look I’m going for is more put together. This girl is stylish, comfortable, and has her own laid back swag.

We are hoping to shoot the first one next Tuesday, so stay tuned for behind the scene footage!


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